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Pizza Oven

Let's be honest, We have all dreamed about home cooked fresh pizza at home, but how many of us have a traditional clay pizza oven in our back garden? With the Hans Grill pizza oven, you can turn your back garden into your own little Italy, as you fire it up, crack open a beer, and cook fresh homemade pizzas for all of your friends and family.

WHATS IN THE BOX: The Hans Grill pizza oven set comes complete with Gas fired PIZZA OVEN, PIZZA PEEL for launching, turning, and retrieving pizzas, our best-selling original removable PIZZA STONE for easy cleaning, strong CARRY BAG, and supplied with GAS REGULATOR and HOSE. 

PERFECT HOME COOKED PIZZA EVERY TIME: Once pre-heated, The Hans Grill pizza oven will simulate the thermodynamics and cooking environment of a traditional clay pizza oven. 

EASY TO USE: No need for messy wood pellets, or time-consuming wood fire building. Simply connect the oven to a gas bottle, ignite, preheat and cook your pizzas, less time preparing means more time eating! 

PORTABLE: Removable funnel and secure bag case for easy transportation and storage. 

HANS GRILL PROMISE: We love our products and hope you do too. If for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase please get in touch with us. We are always happy to help, after all, we are pizza people!

*Gas bottle not supplied, some assembly required.