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We have taken care of cooking the pizza base to perfection,

Now it is over to you to create the ultimate combination of sauces, toppings and dough. Our recipes will soon have you creating mouth watering Pizzeria-style pizzas at home.

From beginners basics such as pizza dough and home made pizza sauce from scratch, you’ll soon be enjoying the best home made pizzas, perfectly crisp bottoms and delicious melty tops.

Loved by People

We used the stone on a charcoal grill as well as in the oven and it made the pizzas come out great every time. We made 3 different pizzas in one night and the stone made the process quick and easy. The wood peel board is a great addition. We personally found it works best with thin crust pizzas. Chris G

This was my first time making a pizza with a stone.. so I was a little worried bc the instructions weren’t in English. I used the instructions from the pizza dough bag and it seemed to work out pretty well. The second pizza came out a lot better! The pizza crust came out nicely and the middle didn’t stick the second time. I can’t wait to try it out on the grill. The wooden paddle was a great help!
Casi Ravalin

This pizza stone works great on the grill. Easy to clean and a great value for the price. This took pizza night at our house to a whole new level. Pizza crust comes out perfect and the stone helps heat the toppings evenly. I don’t think I’ll ever go back to my old way of making pizza!

This pizza stone is great, it gave my pizza an amazing flavor. Easy to use and to clean. I just use small brush to wipe off the flour when the stone cools down. I have only used it in my grill so far and can’t wait to try it in the oven.It’s small so you can make 1 pizza at the time but while it cooks you can be making your next one.Recommended 100% for flavor!
Lulu Penn

Have been looking for a pizza stone for my grill and this caught my eye including everything I needed to get started at a great price! The crust came out soft and crispy and I’ll never order out again!

I like the square shape. Gets hot for crispy crust. Nice touch adding the pizza “paddle”. Accommodates both bbq and oven. Don’t beat your self up trying to clean it to its original state. Let the oils soak in for a natural non-stock.

Bought this pizza stone for baking bread at home. It’s wonderful. I love that you get a pizza peel with the stone, for that money it’s a good deal. It comes with lifetime warranty, so they are very confident of their product! I can recommend it to everyone baking bread!The leftover flour will get stuck to the stone, and stain a bit, but you can just scrape it off.
C Hoogeboom

Great little pizza stone perfect for making small to medium pizzas or flatbread. Even came with a pizza peel. Great value.Wouldn’t recommend for large pizza’s.
Halo Griller

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