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What is the pizza stone made from?

Our pizza stones are made from 100% cordierite, a naturally occurring mineral which is thermal shock resistant and know for being able to withstand exposure to extreme heat. Due to the nature of the material, Cordierite is also very good at retaining heat. Which makes it the perfect material to use for our pizza stones, and don’t worry, of course it is food safe too!


Will the pizza stone fit in my BBQ/oven?

Certainly! Our pizza stones come in two different sizes, The original rectangular stone, which is more suitable for rectangular grills/BBQs and use in ovens. And the circular stone, which is better used on a round grills/BBQS. If you are unsure which would be best for you, Head over to our shop for more details on both products. https://hansgrill.shop/shop


How do I clean my pizza stone?

The best way to clean your pizza stone between uses, is to remove any burnt on food with a blunt tool such as a bench scraper, or pizza stone cleaning tool. Remove any loose food debris and crumbs with a brush. For more tips on cleaning your pizza stone, download our full Pizza Stone cleaning guide here