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Pizza Stone PRO


Level up your pizza game and cook restaurant quality pizza like a pro with the Hans Grill Pizza Stone PRO set. Our best selling original rectangular pizza stone and our PRO anodised aluminum pizza peel, you'll be cooking up pizzas better than your local Italian pizzeria in no time! 

  • PIZZA STONE PRO SET - The Hans Grill pizza stone PRO set includes a 14.9” x 11.8" x 0.6” rectangular cordierite pizza stone and a long handled Anodised Aluminium Pizza Peel.
  • ITALIAN RESTAURANT STYLE PIZZA AT HOME- Make soggy bottoms are a thing of the past with this cordierite pizza stone! Our thermal shock resistant baking stones work by absorbing the moisture from the dough during the cooking process, whilst the heat from the oven or grill evenly cooks the toppings and cheese, The result is a crispy, crusty, pizza that’s even BETTER than your local Italian pizzeria!
  • OVEN, BBQ, GRILL OR HOB - Our pizza stones can be used just about anywhere, They will fit in most ovens and grills, and can be used with both coal and gas. They are size compatible with most barbecue brands such as charbroil, Weber, Landmann, Rockwell, Cadac and Outback. 
  • IMPROVED ANODISED ALUMINIUM PIZZA PEEL - Made from premium grade Anodised Aluminium our perforated non-stick pizza peel allows excess flour to fall away from the underside of the pizza before launching. Once the pizza is cooked, the perforations act as ventilation to allow the steam to escape quickly from the underside of the pizza once removed from the baking stone. Meaning a crisper crust when you slice and serve. Tapered metal edge and long turned beechwood handle for sliding turning and retrieving pizzas from your oven safely with ease.
  • TRY IT FOR FREE WITH OUR PROMISE - Go ahead and purchase our pizza stone PRO set today! If for whatever reason, our product doesn’t meet your expectations, please contact us and we will return your money without delay!